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    Electronic Health Record


    The Credible EHR platform can be configured to align with unique workflows, program, and organizational requirements. Agencies have the ability to configure data and customize clinical, compliance and billing workflows, including alerts, to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and accelerate the revenue cycle. With reconfigurability, agencies can reduce the risk of purchasing a system that may become outdated or require expensive updates as regulations evolve.

    As you expand services and reach further into the community, it is critical to provide data and decision support directly at the point of care, even in remote environments where internet connectivity is limited. The Credible Care App addresses this need by featuring native iOS, Android, and Windows applications. Providers can schedule visits, access client information, and complete service documentation using this user-friendly platform.

    We believe that your data belongs to you, and accessing it should be as convenient as possible. Actionable data is available throughout the application, and multiple reporting mechanisms provide users with access to relevant information. Credible EHR offers a fully configurable reporting tool, enabling the creation of custom reports, dashboards, and graphical reporting functionality. With Credible’s Business Intelligence (BI) module, agency data can be quickly visualized, ensuring that the data is not only accessible but also meaningful.

    Our full suite of features supports agencies throughout the continuum of services, encompassing community-based outpatient and residential programs as well as inpatient care. Care coordination is enhanced through expanded physicians’ orders and treatment planning, while features such as the facility whiteboard and duty log ensure consistency across different staff shifts. Executive management of census reporting happens through a dashboard that offers visibility into all facilities. Program staff can effectively manage individual room assignments and transfers through a virtual representation of your inpatient and residential clients.