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In the 1960s and early 1970s, the scope of services was expanded to include drug and alcohol treatment through a number of community programs.

Image of 4 group members sitting in a circle. A Black woman is placing her hand comfortingly on the shoulder of a blonde woman whose back is to the camera. Kings View Behavioral Health Systems was founded to address the need for mental health, drug, and alcohol treatment.

As business conditions and demands change your analytical solutions need to keep pace. We’re here to bring innovative new products and solutions to your organization to meet these changing demands.

Off the shelf products simply don’t have the flexibility to fully meet an organization’s needs. Our entire product line is designed from the ground up to fit your business needs, with the power to evolve over time as those needs change.

We rigorously test every product to ensure that it will meet your expectations and demands. Our commitment to quality means our solutions will be there when you need them.