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These dashboards are designed to give you what you need when you need it and are integrated in a manner that makes sense. Our dashboards are built to fit HIPAA and 42 CFR compliance standards while providing interactive insights required in today’s agile business environment.

Data is utilized differently by staff members in a variety of departments looking for decision-making tools, reporting tools, and client outcomes. When staff are faced with a myriad of data sources, outcomes can become meaningless or difficult to interpret, leading to frustration and bad reporting. Now, there is a fast, accurate, user-friendly solution that allows employees to visualize, analyze, and gain insights as never before.

Circuit lines create a background pattern for this informational page about Kings View's custom health information analytics dashboards.


  • Clinical Network Adequacy
  • Caseload Management
  • Historical Trends
  • Client Data
  • Penetration Rates Based on Demographics
  • Caseloads Based on Acuity
  • Tracking by Provider
  • Billing and Revenue Generation
  • EQRO
  • Capacity Management
  • Timeline between Contact and Appointment
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Geo-Mapping
  • Diagnostic Categories
  • Client Retention

Finally, a tool that can be customized to meet all your requirements, needs and wish list!

Two screens displaying the Analytics Dashboard

For a complete list of our dashboards, please visit our website at